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Roofing Liability Insurance

As a roofer there are several insurance policies you should give consideration to. These include Employers’ Liability insurance cover if you have any employees or use labour-only subcontractors, Public Liability insurance and most likely Contract Works insurance (also known as Contractor All Risks insurance or CAR).
In addition, you may need insurance for your tools, your plant and any vans and trucks you use.

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What insurance do I need for a self-employed roofer?

Much like everyone who works in the construction trade, it’s a given you need to have Public Liability insurance in place (although this cover is optional not legally required unlike Employers’ Liability insurance). Most employers, customers or main contractors will require you to have it.

Does a roofer need insurance UK?

Like the answers above, the answer is yes. Public Liability insurance is a very important consideration for your business. If you employ staff or use labour only subcontractors, then you will also need Employers’ Liability insurance.

Does a roofer need liability insurance?

Sorry if we’re repeating ourselves, but we get many questions about this and thought it best to address them separately (even if the answers are similar). You do need Employers Liability insurance if you employ people – it is legislated by UK law. Public liability insurance is optional, but typically you will find it hard to trade without it. Plus, you wouldn’t really want to leave yourself exposed to a claim like that. We’d also suggest that you consider Contract Works to provide protection in the event of an incident (an insured peril) that affects a contract you are working on.

Do I need insurance if I am a sole trader roofer?

We would recommend you have Public Liability insurance in place. A lot of sole traders work alone and if that’s the case with you, then the other key insurance for consideration would be Contract Works / Contractor All Risks insurance.
If you are a sole-trader that employs someone, be that short-term or full-time, including labour-only subcontractors then you will be legally required to hold Employer’ Liability insurance.

What cover does Public Liability insurance provide to a roofer?

Briefly, Public Liability insurance will react to injuries suffered by your clients, contractors, or the public as a result of your work as well as damage to third party property.

What limit of Public Liability insurance do I need as a roofer?

It’s very hard for an insurance broker to advise you how much cover you will need. Lots of times for our clients, this is driven by the contracts they have, or they are tendering for – £5 million seems to be the common level, with a few clients still keeping it at £2 million, but a lot more increasing from £5 million Public Liability to £10 million Public Liability insurance. We also have clients that have over £10 million of cover.

Do I need Professional indemnity insurance as a roofer?

That is going to depend on what you do. Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover against claims due to mistakes in your work.

Why does a Roofer need Employers Liability insurance?

We’ve covered the why’s above, but to recap it is a legal requirement in the UK to have this insurance in place if you employ staff or use labour-only subcontractors. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has the power to close your business down if it is not in place as well as issue you with a fine of up to £2,500 per day that you don’t have cover. Ouch – that’s expensive.

As a roofer, do I need Directors & Officers Liability insurance / Management Liability Insurance?

If you are a limited company, then our recommendation would be yes you do need Management Liability insurance.
Why – because whilst a limited company has limited liabilities, unfortunately directors have unlimited liability (this is what most people do not realise). You do not want to put your personal assets at risk if you can help it – Directors and Officers Liability insurance can help bridge this gap.

What height can I get covered to as a roofer?

This is going to depend on the work you do. There are various options here. The more information you can provide the better and more cost effective your quote is going to be.
An example – you work up to 30m, but in reality, 95% of your work is carried out under 20 metres, with only 5% from 20 meters to 30 meters. This scenario is usually rated a lot better than just saying that you work up to 30 meters. There are also insurers that can provide unlimited height options.

Can I get insurance cover for using heat on a roof?

Yes, we have specialist insurers who provide cover to our customers for the use of heat when working on roofs. Just let us know this when contacting us.

What are your legal responsibilities when working on roofs?

According to the HSE, the law says you must organise and plan all roof work so it is carried out safely. As you will know, working on roofs is high risk, even if that job is only going to take a few minutes to complete. Proper precautions need to be taken to mitigate risk.

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