Thatched Properties

Thatched Properties in the UK

Thatched properties are found the world over. Thatch is very popular throughout Europe, including The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France, Ireland and of course the United Kingdom.

In 2019 Savills¹ estimated that there were over 60,000 thatched properties in Britain, with approximately 75% of those holding a listed status.

History of Thatch

The use of thatch goes back thousands of years, with some suggesting that it was used as far back as 8,000 BC here in the UK. We’ll leave you to investigate this further.

Thatch has also been used on every continent  – as you can see it has a lot of history and widespread use. This is probably down to the fact that it was a practical material to use in the past, and although it’s changed to more aesthetic purposes in our times, we’re glad to see thatch still continuing to be used.

¹ In praise of thatched properties